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MAPEI Thin-Set Tile Mortar

Once you have chosen your glass tile you will want to make sure you pick the correct thin-set (Adhesive) for your installation. Most thin-sets are not specifically formulated for glass tile; however Mapei thin-set, “Adesilex” is formulated specifically for glass tile. Not only is “Adesilex” specifically formulated for glass tile but it's the whitest Non Sag thin-set available. Pure White thin-set will not discolor your tile once it is installed. The Non Sag aspect is important so that once the tile is stuck to the wall it stays in position while the "Adesilex" thin-set is drying.

At MAPEI, concern for the environmental impact of our product is more than a trend; it is a fundamental part of our philosophy, corporate commitment and industrial responsibility. MAPEI leads the industry with the largest selection of ecologically friendly products available and is proud to have them exceed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards.

When you see the BioBlock symbol, you can be confident that the product you have chosen is solvent-free, non flammable, extremely low-TVOC and low-odor.

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