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Atlantis Glass Tiles (Green Sherbet)

Atlantis Glass Tiles (Green Sherbet)
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  • Beautiful Mother of Pearl Finish

  • Iridescence Finish Changes Color

  • Glass Resists Water, Ideal for Wet and Dry Areas

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Due to their iridized nature, the color of Giorbello Atlantis glass tiles changes under different types of light and depends upon the viewing angle. Green Sherbet is our lightest shade of green in the Atlantis series. Seen under fluorescent lighting, the color appears lime green. In direct sunlight, the tile becomes duller. An incandescent light reveals a light lime green. These glass tiles are made by treating the glass with metal oxides to give them their iridized effect. These tiles are fade and frost resistant.

Installation Guide: You can reference our Tile Installation Guide for installation tips.

Please note that although the image presented here is an actual photo of these tiles, differences in computers and monitors makes it impossible to show the exact colors. Be sure to order a sample to verify the actual color.


  • Glass Tile Color: Green
  • Glass Tile Finish: Iridescent Colored Glass
  • Sheet Size: 327mm x 327mm (127/8"x 127/8")
  • Coverage Area: 1.15 Square Foot
  • Tile Size: 20mm x 20mm (approximately 3/4" x 3/4")
  • Tile Thickness: 4mm (1/8")
  • Backing: Fiberglass Mesh
  • Number of Tiles: 225 Tiles

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