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Glacier Mountain - Rectangles (Fire and Ice)

Glacier Mountain - Rectangles (Fire and Ice)
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  • Ideal for Kitchen Backsplashes

  • Neutral Color for Timeless Style

  • Non-Slip Tumbled Stone and Frosted Glass

  • Affordably Priced High-End Luxury Tiles

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Like pebbles in a river, Fire and Ice offers tranquil properties as frosted glass tiles and marble tiles lay side by side. Neutral tones of light reddish-brown, cream brown and soft white are offset with rich marbled stone in light burgundy. Unlike traditional tiles, rectangular-shaped tiles lend a truly unique design aspect to any room, accent wall or craft. And their slip-proof texture makes them perfect for showers or pools.

Installation Guide: You can reference our Tile Installation Guide for installation tips.

Please note that although the image presented here is an actual photo of these tiles, differences in computers and monitors makes it impossible to show the exact colors. Be sure to order a sample to verify the actual color.


  • Stone Tile Color: Reddish/Brown
  • Glass Tile Color: Soft White, Light and Medium Taupe
  • Stone Tile Finish: Tumbled
  • Glass Tile Finish: Frosted with Baked Color Backing
  • Sheet Size: 323mm x 286mm (123/4"x 111/4")
  • Coverage Area: 0.91 Square foot
  • Tile Size: 15mm x 48mm (5/8" x 17/8"), 15mm x 98mm (5/8" x 37/8")
  • Tile Thickness: 8mm (5/16")
  • Backing: Fiberglass Mesh
  • Number of Tiles: 85 Tiles

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