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Mini Decorative Glass Gems

Mini Glass Gems Table Scatter

Downright cute! Just a little smaller than a dime, these miniature versions of our most popular glass gems are a welcome addition to any crafting project. And talk about versatile! In over a dozen colors, you literally have a rainbow of choices with our mini glass gems. But the creativity doesn't stop there. Select from clear, opaque and frosted varieties in non-iridized finishes. Excellent for filling the bottoms of vases, as eyes in crafting projects, on boarders of picture frames, in mosaics and many others. Whether you're using them as vase fillers or for decorative crafts, you're sure to love our mini glass gems. There are about 250 to 275 tiny glass gems in each one-pound (16 oz.) mesh bag. The diameter of each mini glass gem ranges between 12mm and 14mm (about 1/2"). Stock up today!

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