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Materials Needed:

Rolled Paper Flower Craft - Necessary Materials


  1. Cut a wavy circle out of origami paper. Any size will do, depending on how big you’d like the flower to be.

Rolled Paper Flower Craft - Cut Chiyogami into a Circle

  1. Continue cutting your chiyogami/origami paper around the inside of the circle, creating a spiral.

Rolled Paper Flower Craft - Cut Spiral in the Origami Paper

  1. Holding the outside end of the spiral, tightly roll the origami paper with the chiyogami pattern on the inside of the roll.
  2. Keep the end of the roll that is closest to the center of the circle rolled the tightest, but don’t be concerned with the roll being uneven. That is normal!

Rolled Paper Flower Craft - Tightly Roll Origami Paper

  1. When you reach the center, turn the roll on its end and carefully let it go loose.

Rolled Paper Flower Craft - Let Roll Loose

  1. 'Play' around with the origami petals a bit until you reach the look you desire.

Rolled Paper Flower Craft - Adjust Origmai Flower Petals

  1. Using a hot glue gun, add a dab of glue to the end, which was the center of the spiral, and press the rolled flower into it.

Rolled Paper Flower Craft - Apply Glue to Origami Chiyogami Flower

  1. Enjoy! Your first Chiyogami origami flower is finished - use it as an embellishment to decorate many of your other crafts or home decor projects. They key to a creating the perfect rolled paper flower is to use quality paper - we used high quality Chiyogami paper for this project which we highly recommend.

Rolled Paper Flower Craft - Finished Flower