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Materials Needed:

3D Origami Stars - Necessary Materials


  1. On the back of chiyogami origami paper, trace a star using your template or cookie cutter.

3D Origami Stars - Trace Star Shape onto Paper

  1. Use scissors to cut out the star shape.

3D Origami Stars - Cut Star Shapes

  1. Choose one arm of the star and fold it down the middle, touching edge to edge.

3D Origami Stars - Fold Star Edge

  1. Create a crisp fold by running the bone folder over the crease, using a small amount of pressure.

3D Origami Stars - Use Bone Folder for Sharp Crease

  1. Repeat with each arm of the star.
  2. Fold the star in half to form the point in the center.

3D Origami Stars - Fold Star to Center

  1. Unfold and ‘pop’ the star to give it shape.

3D Origami Stars - Completed Project