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Materials Needed:

Suncatcher Craft - Materials


  1. **Optional** Design your suncatcher by placing the gems inside the lid in the pattern that you like.
  2. Fill a plastic container lid with glue. Glue should just coat the bottom of the lid.

Suncatcher Craft - Fill Lid with Glue

  1. Place glass gems in the glue and give a gentle press. If all the gems are not touching, it is ok! They will still be adhered by the glue.

Suncatcher Craft - Apply Glass Gems

  1. Allow the suncatcher to dry for 2-3 days. To expedite the drying process, a hair dryer may be used on a low setting.
  2. When dry, carefully peel the suncatcher from the lid.

Suncatcher Craft - Peal from Lid

  1. Thread fishing wire through a hole in the catcher and tie. If there are no holes, you can create one with scissors or a pin.

Suncatcher Craft - String

  1. Hang and enjoy!

Suncatcher Craft - Ready to Hang