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Materials Needed:

Glass Gem Paperweight - Necessary Materials


  1. Arrange gems and glass shape in pattern that you would like inside the resin mold.

Glass Gem Paperweight - Arrange Gems

  1. Remove gems from mold.
  2. Mix the resin and catalyst according to directions on label. (Make sure you are working in a well - ventilated area!)

Glass Gem Paperweight - Mix Resin

  1. Pour about 1/8 inch resin into mold.
  2. Place gems and glass shape into the resin mold.
  3. Pour enough resin over the gems to barely cover them.
  4. Allow to dry for 45 minutes.
  5. Place a second layer of gems on top of the first layer.

Glass Gem Paperweight - Add Gems and Resin

  1. Mix a new batch of resin and pour the solution into the mold until all pieces are covered and/or you reach the top of the mold.
  2. Allow to dry overnight.
    *You may want to cover to prevent debris from sticking in the resin!

Glass Gem Paperweight - Allow to Dry

  1. Peel back the mold and remove the paperweight.

Glass Gem Paperweight - Finished Craft Project