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Materials Needed:

Mosaic Tile Necklace - Necessary Materials


  1. Select image that you would like to be projected with the cabochon.
  2. Apply a small amount of E6000 to back of cabochon and press firmly over top of image, pressing from the middle out to the edges.

Mosaic Tile Necklace - Apply Adhesive to Glass Cabochon

  1. Allow to dry.
  2. Cut image from paper and select a tile to adhere the cabochon to.

Mosaic Tile Necklace - Trim Paper around Glass Cabochon

  1. Adhere cabochon image to the glass mosaic tile using a hot glue gun.

Mosaic Tile Necklace - Glue Cabochon to Mosaic Tile

  1. Place jewelry bail in the center top of the back of the tile. Adhere with E6000. Allow to dry.

Mosaic Tile Necklace - Glue Jewelry Bail to Glass Mosaic Tile

  1. Wear with our silk cords, leatherette cords, or chains! (note - silk and leatherette cords will not fit the small bails)

Mosaic Tile Necklace Craft Project