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Materials Needed:

Glass Gem Artwork - Necessary Materials


  1. Align paper on canvas, making sure there is enough paper on the edge to wrap around the canvas edges.

Glass Gem Artwork - Align Paper

  1. Apply spray adhesive to the top of the top of the canvas and place paper on top.

Glass Gem Artwork - Spray Adhesive

  1. Press paper onto canvas for a strong bond.

Glass Gem Artwork - Apply Paper

  1. Wrap the edges around the canvas and hot glue into place.
  2. Wrap the corners like a present and hot glue into place.

Glass Gem Artwork - Glue Edges

  1. Apply a small amount of E6000 to the back of a clear glass gem, and press into place, starting at one end of the canvas.

Glass Gem Artwork - Glue Glass Gems

  1. Glue the clear glass gems onto the canvas in rows, working from one end to the other.

Glass Gem Artwork - Align Gems in Rows

  1. Allow gems to dry.
  2. Arrange flowers and embellishments on canvas. If using wire, create a swirl by folding the end of the wire into a circle and wrap the wire around the circle to desired size.

Glass Gem Artwork - Arrange Flowers / Embellishments

  1. Hot glue embellishments into place and you're finished.

Glass Gem Artwork - Completed